Leadership to Unleash Human Potential


Dreams and Details – in this excerpt from Jim Hagemann Snabe’s keynote at Presidents Summit, he explains the framework he uses in his daily work. Essentially, it is about having a vision or a dream – extremely ambitious, but attainable in its nature. It acts as a beacon for the organization and it is the purpose and the goal the employees sign up for. ”Details” is the daily practice that supports those goals. All the single initiatives, that move you closer to the dream

Chatbot: The intelligent banking assistant


The only area where human interaction has had a lead over technology is the personal touch during a conversation, especially in the case of relationship-based interactions. However, with all major innovators, including technology giants,1 putting their weight behind technology that provides human-like conversation experiences, even that edge seems to be diminishing

Amazon’s AI-powered grocery store is opening to the public


The futuristic store doesn’t have cashiers or self-checkout machines; instead a customer scans a code on the Amazon Go app to enter, and then is tracked around the store as they pick up items

Machines Teaching Each Other Could Be the Biggest Exponential Trend in AI


“The easier it is to communicate, the faster change happens.” – James Burke, Science Historian

Workplace success through robotic process automation


The latest office recruit taking over routine tasks is not a sci-fi metal robot with menacing limbs, instead it’s a computer software program capable of machine-learning

4 Digital Transformation Health Checks For Your Business


Before you begin, conduct an organizational ‘health check’

Japan:Online shopping company buys insurer


Rakuten will look to develop original insurance products using customer data it has accumulated through e-commerce operations, the company said