Here's how the auto insurance industry can prepare for driverless cars

Research and computer modeling conducted by Accenture and the Stevens Institute of Technology projected that by the year 2035, as many as 23 million fully-autonomous vehicles will be travelling US highways, out of the roughly 250 million total cars and trucks registered in the country

ZEGO - insurance on demand

Zego offers flexible food and parcel delivery insurance at a comparable level to your underlying SD&P. Designed for part time drivers,

At least 47 cities around the world are piloting self-driving cars 

The idea of autonomous vehicles, or cars that drive themselves, has become so popular that almost four dozen cities around the world are experimenting with them


What we’re in essence looking at is a fantastic product with a proven international track record being introduced too late into a market that never really was prepared for it before it was rendered outdated. Seriously interesting times ahead of us…

Ping An’s Smart Insurance Cloud and an update of emerging Insurtech startups in China

The Smart Insurance Cloud includes two AI-based solutions called Smart Authentication and Smart Claim. These solutions have been used within Ping An Group and now they are opening up, offering the solutions to all the partners in insurance industry

No decision is too small for today's consumers

With a smartphone in hand, people can get the answers they need to make the right purchase decision anytime, anywhere. You can see this behavior clearly in search data—mobile searches for "best" and "reviews" have grown in the past two years

Investment prognosis for the insurance industry plus effects on the job market

How do Analytics and AI fit in?

The Top 10 Insurtech Trends of 2018

Invisible insurance and behavioural economics with a pinch of empathy: these are some of the trends of 2018

KASKO - InsurTech as a service

Think with Google’s 10 most-read articles of 2017