Munich Re driving digital transformation

An extensive presentation on Munich Re's digital initiatives and capabilities - highly interesting

Click here to download (appx. 7MB)

Reactive Content Will Get to Know You Intimately—Then Tell You the Perfect Story

“As the storyteller begins, they must tune in to… the audience’s energy. Based on this energy, the storyteller will adjust their timing, their posture, their characterizations, and sometimes even the events of the story. There is a dialog between audience and storyteller.”

How to live to 105 [off-topic]

Simple rules from  Author/physician Shigeaki Hinohara (he died at 105)

What’s the Secret of Retail?

Richard Morris co-founder and partner of branding agency Whistlejacket explores the power of branding in the retail environment and explains why design is central to creating the cache of brands as diverse as hipper-than-thou fashion retailer Supreme, or Apple's iconic stores across the globe

Employees are customers too

Your colleagues are customers too, so these are the very people that disrupts your markets and driving profound changes in the way you need to create your future products and services. But internal disruption is not high on the management agenda

The Deep Learning Book

Machine Learning or Linguistic Rules: Two Approaches to Building a Chatbot

For a company that is trying to decide whether to use chatbots to serve customers, those questions matter

10 Chinese Companies Disrupting Business

Across the Pacific in China, there are a host of other powerful players that the Western world has seemingly overlooked. The Chinese tech scene is booming, but which are the most disruptive companies?


Literally hundreds from my network and from all over the world have asked me "how the war room looks" so I made a picture showing the structure and brief explanations describing the contents and purpose of the room