Auto Insurance Customers Slow to Adopt Digital Claims Reporting

"U.S. auto insurers have invested heavily in technology that will help them gain efficiencies in claims handling, but there are still certain areas of the claims process where the human touch is proving difficult to replace"

Where machines could replace humans (interactive dashboard)!/vizhome/InternationalAutomation/WhereMachinesCanReplaceHumans

McKinsey analyzed the impact of automation across 54 countries covering 78% of the global labor market to assess the percentage of time spent on activities with the technical potential for automation by adapting currently demonstrated technology

Waymo has started testing self-driving cars with no one behind the wheel

Waymo, the self-driving car division of Alphabet, has begun testing its autonomous vehicles with no human sitting in the driver’s seat in Phoenix, Arizona

9 Big Community and Collaboration Platform Trends for 2018

Online community software had a big year in 2017, and it looks as if this trend will continue into 2018

Insurers beware, Amazon poised to disrupt UK insurance

No one can dispute the success of Amazon in the UK as a digital retailer, and many insurers have held it in high esteem as a company to emulate in terms of innovation and overall service proposition. But now Amazon poses a real threat to UK insurers

Becoming CEO

You’ve just become the chief executive officer of a big company. Now what do you do?

Three Clear Signs Your Digital Transformation Isn't Transformational

If you work for a company that’s more than 10 years old, changes are good that you are in the middle of a “digital transformation”. We put it in quotes for exactly the reasons you would expect: few companies actually know what a digital transformation looks like, and those that do often still can’t implement them