You're looking for a new job, right?

No, I'm proud of my current position with QIC and the results that we're delivering; I have considerable degrees of freedom to craft and pursue the strategies that I believe will make us grow more, fast why this site?

There's multiple purposes; first, I think it's fun to create and maintain the site, I feel challenged by constantly writing blog posts and ensuring the information and design is up to date. Second, I see it as a valuable tool for business partners, colleagues and friends to keep up with me and third, I believe it's a very professional way to present yourself 


What about positions of trust, board member positions?

I've been on several boards and - also here - significantly contributed to the value creation in the respective company - board positions keep you even sharper and can add true value to the company; I'm interested if it's compatible with my job


Where do you actually live?

Heeh. As I'm responsible for the MENA region, and we're currently focusing heavily on developing Oman, Kuwait, UAE, I travel frequently between these countries - head office is in Doha, Qatar, so this is where I spend most of my time


What is redHORN photography?

redHORN is my personal project; I've always been fascinated with the human psyche and how different we react to new situations; placing a 'stranger' in front of the camera and understanding how to cooperate to get the right pictures is an ever-lasting challenge and expands my ability to absorb and adapt to different people and personalities