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No two projects are the same - the methods making them successful are


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No two projects are the same - the methods making them successful are


The three elements of a successful transformation; delivered

I've done enough transformation projects, business strategies, leadership seminars and digital innovation projects to know that not two projects are the same. What stays the same, however, are the methods required to plan, execute and deliver the projects



I’ve planned and executed commercial and digital strategies for Fortune 500 companies in my role as management consultant – and several of these being digital transformation projects; from worldwide planning and implementation of a revolutionary new commercial strategy based on digital systems to creating state-of-the-art nation- and companywide loyalty programs

As company leader, I’ve executed all-in transformation strategies with focus on implementation of new performance management and strategy execution systems, including foreign company acquisitions and integrations



My leadership experience ranges from leading expert teams of extremely skilled tier-1 management consultants over creating the right motivation in several start-up companies as well as integrating company acquisitions to managing a global company with thousands of employees worldwide

I’m trained professional in behavior modeling and coaching people to understand how they perform in teams and how to improve

In the Middle East, I’ve been a leading part of strategizing and implementing a matrix organization creating line manager functions with country/region responsibility - I did this twice in Europe before



I thoroughly understand the way legacy IT systems must be adapted to fully cater the needs of an ever-changing commercial world - and I have planned and implemented projects to make it work in real life

I’ve authored two books on customer relationship automation and co-founded one of the first content management system companies in Scandinavia and similarly founded the first e-mail marketing automation company in Denmark

I know how to build relational databases and how to connect to them using C++, Java or similar programming languages – I’ve personally built a program to monitor – and act on – employee satisfaction for a company with more than 14,000 employees