A good friend, Yasmeen, wrote this on Instagram as an appreciation of her colleagues and it immediately struck a chord with me – I haven’t been able to find the original quote so the credit goes to her :)

Unfortunately, in a corporate context, most feel comfortable being the smartest person, clearly reflecting on the quality of the people they hire and the ones the prefer to team up with I’m not spending this post ranting about all the negative impacts this has on the quality, speed and effectiveness of work, and ultimately the value created for the company (which is much less)

I’ll focus on why you need to make sure you have people around you that’s smarter than you

We all want to grow and advance, right?

Unless you’re very good at sucking up to your boss (and you have a boss that cannot see through this) you’ll need to constantly become better at what you do for the company and at what you do for yourself …and if there’s no one around to be part of that self-improvement journey, this will be very hard for you to do

…but it takes courage

Hiring people more than capable of taking your position takes courage – it’s not easy allowing a new, smart person into the inner circle of your daily routines but you must if you want to move on

If you want to stand a chance to be regarded as the next hire, smarter than your boss, you’d need to evolve and move on, too

You don’t evolve by being surround by people dumber than you, you only dumb down

But what if I can’t find people in my immediate circles that are smarter than me?

Easy: You’re in the wrong room

Move on