I read this quote as part of a motivational ad for a gym but it applies very much so to business developers too

In business development, you're a fish swimming against the current

People are in general creatures of habit and don't like change. That's a fact that I'm sure most of us has experienced

As a business developer, your job is to break new grounds in new and existing markets which is fun, challenging and exciting - what's even more challenging, though, is to make your own organization feel the passion for the new products and processes and make them adjust their current routines to accommodate the required internal changes for a successful product launch

"Come on, man"

That's how you feel like, sometimes, when you for the 50th time has argued for and demonstrated the new and better way of doing things, internally and externally, and your organization still resists despite what you feel are obvious proofs of this is the right way for the future

...and this is where I find the quote inspirational

You don't get people to change by commanding them or bossing them to do so - you get people to change by consistently and patiently understanding them and their situation and then slowly talk to them about benefits by doing things in a new way

Over and over again

But there's no way around it - if you want people to change, you must show them the way and give them a compelling reason to choose that path - and the necessary tools to travel it

Good luck and keep it up!