A litte more than a month into our process reengineering project in our claims department I'm really happy with the progress and how the team and our colleagues are adopting the project war room and the thoughts / purpose behind it

Literally hundreds from my network and from all over the world have asked me "how it looks" so I made a picture showing the structure and the contents - it's below and it gets bigger if you click it

Click on the image to see a larger version

The main idea with a war room is to create a single place with full focus on the project and the progress of the many work streams in the project - to keep track of tasks and their assignments, we've chosen to use Trello which seems to work just fine - it took a week's time to get used to the structure but now the team is using it easily - and I have a great way of following the development of all streams

The war room is in the dead center of our claims operations and at first it of course created some disturbances but the claims management team has been very good at explaining the purpose and reassuring that it's not just a 'layoff' project - we will of course change jobs, processes and work roles as part of the final outcome but skilled employees are in high demand within Personal Lines, Claims and the QIC Group so I'm certain that employees affected will end up in a new and exciting role

Phase one of the project is nearing it's completion and we're now working on the implementation of the findings from this phase - it's a never-ending process, so once we're satisfied with the implementation, we're ready to move on to phase two which has already been quite clearly defined through our work with the first phase - another benefit of the war room- we keep track of our findings, ideas and suggestions and keep them ready for when we have the resources to implement


Phase one has been completed now and the War Room in it's current state has served it's purpose - we will now take it down and prepare it for the next War Room project;