SmartInsights published this picture the other day, showing what happens online during 60 seconds - quite a lot

...and it made me think - we're constantly online, checking mails, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or whatever our thing is

We're constantly being bombarded with new articles, new knowledge, new things that we 'feel we should know'

They put it right in the poster, 'Managing content shock' even though their point is different from how I read it

I read this as it's about time that we find a way of dealing with the information overload without feeling we're missing our or getting stressed about all the things we don't' do

The content and information posted online will just increase, so there's no waiting it out, hoping it will stop

Of course it never will

Get your priorities in order

It's only possible to reduce stress and the feeling of 'too much' if you accept that there are some areas that you are okay not paying attention to - but you need to select what you want to see & read and what you don't want to see & read

You need to get your priorities in order

Think of it like creating a business plan for yourself (it's not as crazy as it sounds) - by doing so, deciding where you'd like to be by the end of the year, you're able to deliberately sort in the content that you're being bombarded with from all sources

(of course, a part of this is allowing for content that is purely for entertainment; don't be focused on business only - it has to be all the way around)

Even if you have a boss that constantly sends you articles, updates, FYI's, knowing what your priorities are will let you sort in this and ignore what's not in your priorities 

It's only by knowing what you want to know that you're able to dismiss the stuff that you don't need to know

And if you're like me, unable to fully dismiss exciting content, keep a digital brain with you - I use Evernote to keep track of links, pictures, articles, notes, ideas, etc.

I rare;y look at what I save there, but I feel better, knowing that I have it there, if...

Anyway, that's my way of organizing - I guess the point here is that content and information will keep increasing in volume and accessibility and you need to relate to it to avoid getting stressed out by information overload

Prioritize and force yourself to accept that there's information you'll never read - and that's perfectly okay