Of course, for the picture to be complete, I'd need to add another formula stating what drives us to want success, for reading the above inevitably leaves the thought behind; 'but why would you want success when the formula status that all the fun is taken out?'


Why you want 'success' is the other side of the formula and is completely individual

For some, success is money or fame, for others, it is being happy and feeling good, it could be having a large and healthy family or so many other factors

For me, it's creating - and creating with and through skilled people

Back to the formula; I wanted to write about this as I'm fairly successful in what I'm doing and because many look at me like 'I have everything' which I of course do not

I'm driven by a burning desire to create and when I create with others, I feel successful; that feeling is worth the pain, the hours and the focus but it comes at a cost, of course, too

My brain never really shuts down; I'm always on, scouting for new ideas, new ways of working, creating etc.

Always on equals never off

Being always on also means never being off, resulting in lost moments with family, friends and... life

My brain and heart and thoughts are (too much) on the tasks at hand, the job, the company, which I'm sure many will agree with me can be an unhealthy situation

I have very high ambitions on behalf of others and can push people more than they actually like and want, because they define success in other ways than me - and therefore do not necessarily share the ambitions I have for them

This creates frustrated colleagues and a frustrated me, too

Yes - I have a lot - but pay a lot, too

So the question remains; is it worth it? A good question, of course, which does not have a straightforward answer as I wouldn't know how to stop

It's worth it, I am aware of what I'm missing but I'm also aware that I cannot (or will not?) change my ways as this is my passion, this is what drives me - and this comes at a cost

I know because I pay... but I pay with a smile

The success is costly but for me, what I create, how I make other people grow, that's worth every dime

What's driving you?



This post and the formula is 100 % inspired by 'Remember the name' by Fort Minor