It's no secret our New Year's eve didn't turn out quite as planned - we were having dinner at the Cut Steakhouse in the Address Downtown Hotel Dubai when the building caught fire and we had to evacuate

Luckily no major person damage was reported but it was a heavy fire that changed the mood of what was planned to be a grand night out

Apart from this, two things struck me during last night;

People don't think about people

One of the major obstacles to evacuate the building and get out and reach a safe distance was people with their phones filming the fire(!)

I was (but probably shouldn't be) surprised how spectators were unable to comprehend that the people coming towards them were trying to get away from what the 'movie-makers' regarded as their late-night entertainment


The Show Must Go On

The great fireworks planned at and around Burj Khalifa was (of course) not cancelled and 2016 was shot in and celebrated as it should be


Sitting there, outside, watching the fireworks alongside the burning building, made me first a little upset as I was thinking about the firefighters, the injured, the ones who had to leave their hotel rooms and - of course - us, that had to leave our plans for the night - it didn't at that time seem fair that the World would continue with the plans

But the World should. And it is fair

Incidents happens all the time and it is a (known) part of life - we cannot stop the world (just) because our world seem to stop for a moment; we cannot get upset with the people who did not experience this up and close and just wants to celebrate

It shook my world for a while but should not shake others' world

I'm back on track and ready for 2016