This is a trap in your professional development; you unconsciously choose a position or a job where your qualifications are more than adequate for you to be a success - and of course, we all like an environment where we feel we're superior and understands (most) of what's going on

It makes you comfortable and the fact that people really admire you just adds to the feeling; it's nice to be respected and looked up to - and for sure it's good for your company to have you, too

You really make a difference and all is good

But not for you

It's not good for you at all. Think about it; in this environment, where you are in control, everybody is learning from you

Who are you learning from? How are you developing?

Who forces you outside your comfort zone, in the 'yellow zone', where you really develop yourself?

You need to grow, too

Of course it's great to develop other people, to make your team grow and create results - but don't forget about yourself

Make sure that you don't get stuck in where you are; make sure that you develop yourself too - don't postpone it and tell yourself that you'll focus on yourself 'later' because you're too busy at the moment

When you start thinking like that, the people you'll compete with for your next job is already ahead of you!