We've just spend some days on the border between Myanmar and Thailand and that includes navigating difficult terrain through the jungle around the mountains

Which made me think - when I look down to make sure I don't step on scorpions, snakes or other unpleasant things, I risk losing wading directly into just as unpleasant bushes with sticky things that hurts long after... 

..but looking after the bushes and sticky things poses another problem, apart from the snake / scorpion situation, as I'm at the same time unable to navigate, so even though I avoid the bushes and the ground monsters, I risk losing my direction

(it goes with the story that my wife is born and brought up in the jungle so I have a big advantage) 

And back to my thoughts - directly translated to most business environments, and here I'm not even including wild elephants, crazy monkeys or other forestal dangers that could symbolize the competition

When navigating the daily business, you need to be aware of all obstacles and how to deal with them, too, and the above analogy could serve as a reminder of that you have to take this holistic view on how to clear the path

Don't get so lost in the details looking for scorpions that you forget to look out for the bushes (the larger imminent problems) or even lose your direction - it's a balancing act I know, and I cannot claim that I don't get lost in any of these tasks daily

Which is fine. Get lost in the details and get them solved, but make sure to move on fast and keep the overview of what you're doing or where you're heading

A key to this is of course teamwork - involve your team and be sure to delegate the tasks to the widest extent possible so that you together succeed and safely reach your target