Regardless of who you are, you’re bound to have mood changes – some of us are experiencing heavier, and more frequent, mood changes than others – but we all experience these changes every once in a while. Which can be very frustrating

When this happens, you might feel that the world is against you, that everybody on the job are xXxX’s and wish you family far away from you – and for no obvious reason. There are many reasons for these swings to happen, some are physiological and some are psychological. No matter the origin, or reason, it’s important that you embrace these swings and don’t try to suppress them or belittle them. This will only make the undesired mood last longer or even become worse. You’ll need to deal with it

The first important step dealing with this is acknowledging that your mood has changed. Don’t judge the mood chance, don’t allow yourself to be annoyed or sad about the swing, just acknowledge it. Once you’ve objectively accepted that your mood has changed, you may or may not want to deal with it – I’m very deliberate here as sometimes you don’t want to do anything and just accept it and leave it. And of course, other times you will want to do something about it because it impacts you, your family, friends and colleagues

If you choose to change your mood, many times just choosing this as a deliberate action will swing you back to where you want to be. This is, however, not always the case and then you’d need to use other methods. One is exercise – and don’t underestimate the power of this. Exercising frees endorphins in your brain which immediately will make you feel happier. Now, I’m not talking about you have to go running or doing any other kind of dreading exercise if you don’t want – you’ll free plenty of endorphins just by taking a long walk (long being more than 30-40 minutes)

If you’re not able to exercise, sit down on a chair, close your eyes and listen to the world around you for a few moments – don’t try to understand what the sounds are, just accept that they’re there. And then, for five minutes or so, count your breath in 1-10’s; from 1 to 10 and then start over. When your thoughts begin to wander, bring them back to counting your breath. Do this for five minutes and you’re on your way again

Yes, it’s that simple. But remember it starts with your decision to change your mood. If you decide you don’t want, you never will – this is the amazing power of your brain