I'm contacted daily by people who's searching for jobs - the oil price has taken it's toll and there's more people job hunting than I've experienced in the Middle East before

Many of the applicants are enjoying or have been enjoying high positions in well-known companies, having a (at least in their CV and on LinkedIn) a proven track record within their business lines or fields of expertise

Which is why I'm really surprised when I'm asking them about their core competences and how and even more important where they can do a difference with QIC and the answer is 'anywhere'


What kind of answer is this from a supposed business professional? If you're looking for a position as manager and claim you have a strong track record, you should know exactly what you're good at and how you make a difference for an organization

How else am I - or anybody else - able to see and understand if you might fit in or if you're so good that we'll create a position for you?

Of course I understand what's behind the 'anywhere'; people relocate from their home country to come work in the Middle East and when losing a job, desperation quickly sets in (kids are in school, the family is depending on you and you may have loans you need to pay)

Nonetheless, if you're not focused you won't get anything - or at least anything that matches your competences

But... if you're job hunting and reaching out asking for positions when we're not hiring, you basically need to bring you own business case; how can the company make money on hiring you, be it cost optimizations, increased sales (directly or though a team) etc.?

Do yourself, and me, the favor to know what you want. Mostly you

It'll enable you to move on more quickly