Two words. Stay tough

I don’t think I’ve ever met any stronger person than my mom – I’m not going into details about why, but let’s just says she’s haunted by too many chronic and temporary diseases

But through it all, she stays tough; I would’ve given up years ago

But she’s here, fiery, alive, curious, intelligent, knowledgeable, wonderful. To me, this is a clear message that there’s one thing in life that’s black or white, and that’s life itself:

Either you’re in, or you’re out

If you’re in between, you’re losing out, so you’d better choose to be in. Anyway, what’s the alternative?

I know it’s so much easier to write it than to live it – this post is a personal reminder that life is beautiful – and that’s the lesson learned

Leave aside the insignificant quarrels, the jealousy, the frustrations at work, the fear for the future, the desire to travel somewhere exotic and just enjoy being alive

Enjoy whatever is around you, the differences, the disagreements, the fact that we’re all different and all have different goals, opinions and understandings of the world

It’s not too bad