I've got an email from a Czech business developer / communications expert asking me a few questions about my site:

How helpful is it? Was the creation, including visuals, coding and investment of your time and money for hosting the website worth? Could you please share with me some best practices?

All good and relevant questions that made me reflect on why I build the site. Below is my answer to him:

Thanks for your mail and for your kind words about my site!
Your questions are really good and relevant and I'll try to answer as good as I can; first, I love creating and building things, from businesses to photographs to websites, all things that I can create and see grow and come to live :-)
I build the site for myself, to have a place to keep my CV updated and just for the heck of it - I wanted to try to design a personal site as I haven't really seen many around - second, doing so really made me reflect on what I wanted to say about me, and I had to think more about my personal career goals and my thoughts of how I believe a business should be run and grown
Besides building the site, it was a very healthy personal exercise for me and I became clearer of what path(s) I wanted to pursue going forward with my professional life
So for me, even before thinking about external benefits, it was worth building the site, definitely!
But... and this is what I believe is your key question; I built it and then it was just sitting there...
I have a hobby photography business where I am really successful with marketing it, getting a lot of visitors every day, but this was clearly not a way to go for my personal site (Facebook and Google advertising; no, not really)
I have therefore begun writing a blog, which I post on LinkedIn and of course Facebook - each blog post generates around 800 visits to my site and I see this as a good support to strengthening my personal brand in the workspace
...and I'm blessed with many, many positive comments like yours so I know people like what they see - and in terms of future job opportunities, I am sure this gives me an edge over other candidates for the same position
I hope these were the answers you were looking for?
Take care and all the best, Frederik