Ever wondered why ‘nothing happens’, why everything seems to take forever, why decisions are never made and why projects procrastinated? There are, of course, many explanations to why this happens, spanning from lack of attention, low perceived importance, deliberate obstruction, not having enough – or the right – data down to sheer incompetence – and many other reasons

And then there is the lack of will power. Which is what I’ll write about here. In short, lack of will power, to me, boils down to the saying “if you want to do something, do it right” – or “all in or not in”. This is one of the major reasons that things do not get done. We’re scared of making the wrong decision and – like the fox – tries to keep another option open if the first decision turns out not to yield what we expected

But that’s the problem. When we keep other options open, we don’t fully focus on the decision we made and hence it’s much more prone not to succeed. Your mind and focus is, hopefully, on the decision you just made, but you’re also still thinking about the other options and when you do this, you’re not all in on your decision

And then it’s likely to fail, just proving your initial worries about the decision not being the right and the vicious circle repeats and is carried over to next time you need to take a decision. Or not, as you now will be less likely to take that decision and hence procrastinate

It’s your responsibility to make it the right decision

And you can. Of course you can. But it’s not easy as you’ll inadvertently feel like you’re risking ‘it all’ with no other options. Which is my point. When you’ve set the course and that’s the only way, you have to go that way all in. And when you do, you’ll see you’re able to succeed with what you set out to do

I’m not saying it’s easy – and it actually shouldn’t be as you probably wouldn’t sweat over a simple decision. I’m saying you need to do this to move yourself, your business, your career, your job in the right direction. You’re not going anywhere fast by postponing or not giving 110 % and in a world that’s moving faster than most of us like

“Well, in our country,” said Alice, still panting a little, “you’d generally get to somewhere else—if you run very fast for a long time, as we’ve been doing.”
“A slow sort of country!” said the Queen. “Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!”
— Lewis Carroll (Through the Looking-Glass, 1871)

Next time you’re required to make a decision, carefully analyze your options – you can make pros and cons lists and let objectivity decide, you can follow your gut, your heart or the advice from someone you trust, but make it absolutely clear to yourself why you take the decision you do, and then let go of the other options and doubts

Go all in with your eyes open, believe in the decision even when things look like you took the wrong one – if you start to worry or even begin to reconsider, you lose. On the other hand, you should not be naïve and hence you need to move ahead with your eyes open as something could happen that would require you to stop up and reconsider. If this happens, repeat the decision-making process of comparing options, select what’s right for you and go all in again

But do carry on with only your current decision in mind. Don’t let doubt ruin your focus

A pilot doesn’t change his course because of strong turbulence, the path is only changed when severe thunderstorms are ahead