I was once pre-introduced to a person I was about to meet as “he’s a small guy but he really fills out his suit”, a statement being very true for that person but also a statement that stuck with me – in the Danish language there’s a more liberal saying of the same; “having ass in your pants”

The meaning is the same; “do you live up to who you claim you are? I frequently meet business people with posh titles, expensive habits and a very eloquent (or just loud) way of expressing themselves that, when it boils down to delivering an actual piece of work, fail miserably – and what surprises me the most is that these people are not even aware of they don’t deliver

Admitted, this is more predominant in the Middle East, where the finger-pointing blame game still lives and lives very well. When they don’t deliver, they use their title to blame someone else. I’m sure you know these people

Then, on the other side, you have the people that has earned their title through work and life experience – the people who are true to their values and stand up for these values and not for other peoples’ titles or random opinions. These are the people that fill out their suits (and have “ass in the pants”) and the people you’ll want to find and stay close to during your career; this is where you stand a real chance to learn something more valuable than how to play the blame-game (which I believe you can go to Kindergarten to learn)

I write that the “true” people earned their title through work and life experience, which most often is the case, but the honesty and core value belief is something we all get much earlier – and I believe that we all had a chance to be brought up with true values and that those of us who didn’t still have a chance to “see the light” and start thinking about work (and life) values and behavior

My advice? Be true to yourself – look at yourself in the mirror and reflect for a while… are you treating people the way you want them to treat you? Do you trust people and do they have trust in you? Do your colleagues (and friends) know what you stand for, what your values are, and do they see you live these values?

If they don’t see you live your values, chances are you don’t fill out your suit – and I think you should start finding the way to fill it out; it’s better for you or for sure better for everyone around you