Those who know me no doubt also knows one of my favorite sayings; "apply brain" which in essence is a rewriting of the "Stop. Think. Act" or the ever-so-popular "Keep Calm & Carry On" from the British Government before the Second World War

Regardless of your choice of words, the importance of pausing a second to think before acting cannot be stressed enough - I believe most wrong decisions are made and fights are started because people don't use their most valuable asset

Their brain

There's countless examples of companies and people continuing on a path that they know is wrong; take a look at your own organization and I'm sure you'll agree that many things could and should be done better and / or different - and that most of the management knows and agrees too

But nothing happens. It's too difficult to start that process, it may mean that the people starting it has to step down or aside to let others with other competences take over, or they may not have any idea of what to do

Think of Nokia - the then-CEO's famous last words "we did nothing wrong but somehow we lost"

Nokia executed their existing strategy to perfection - the only issue was that this strategy was made before 2007 - and thus before the iPhone made it's appearance

For Nokia, even though most of the managers saw the threat, it was too difficult to fight internally to change the strategy (I believe it was a question of who would get the resources allocated) so nobody did anything

Stop. Think. Act

Revisit what you're doing, ask the hard questions - understand how the world around you look, evolve and where it's heading - and examine whether your plans will help you head in the same direction

If not, think of doing something else than what you're doing