In an ever-changing world you need to be ever-changing too

The days of grand project schemes with three years' completion time are over (unless you're in the construction or pharmaceutical industry ;-) because your business environment changes so much in three years that your projects most likely will be obsolete and outdated once they're finally done

For this illustration to be completely correct in my view, the road should have been included too, as the road might change from paved road to sand dunes over the course of 1 to 4 in the upper illustration which would have an effect on the product or project you're working on

The agile development will adjust to changes - and keep moving - from evolution to evolution and will therefore at all times be equipped to navigate the prevailing road (market conditions)

You'll never reach the finish line

...and this is probably the most frustrating fact for many employees - when you're taking on the agile development methodology, you're never really finished as you'll keep changing and adapting to the changes in your micro and macro environment

Most of us still like that finality there is in completing a project, signing off the 'UAT' (User Acceptance Test) or introducing a new product - it's human and we're used to, after the launch, mentally to take a break, let the product settle in and then head out on a new project

But that'll never happen as your just launched project most likely will need to be adapted and hence will be the 'new' project you were planning to endeavor :)

Motivation must come from partly completions

However, you still need to keep yourself motivated despite the ways of working with development are changing - you need to begin celebrating micro-achievements and look at - and appreciate - user adoption / sales in smaller increments just as they happen

Be more focused on the sub-goals, on the weekly project plans and their milestones, celebrate the completion of these and not the grand project, which I'll predict will never happen, so that celebration will never come anyway

It's important for you and your motivation and equally important for your team

We'll never reach a steady state in the markets anymore and that's a fact you have to accept and adjust to