This video discusses how to earn respect as a leader and gain compliance from new teams. One of the signs of a good manager is in knowing when and how to set an example. By being strong, strict, and fair in setting the example, a manager establishes expectations, corrects unwanted behavior, and moves forward with more cohesion and less animosity.

By setting an example in a clear fashion you can earn your team's respect and have them work with you instead of against you.

I call this, "killing the chickens in front of the monkeys." This is how to earn respect as a leader.

This is particularly important when dealing with teams who don't listen (perhaps if you are a new manager to an existing team) and/or where the team are not working up to the company standard. Setting an example in an authoritative fashion sets a strong example to everyone present and ensures they understand that insubordination in the workplace will not be tolerated.

Setting a strong example with one or two employees in front of everyone else can make you a stronger, more respected leader. That said, one of the signs of a good manager is that they know what is appropriate and where to draw the line. If it goes too far, it can backfire.

Remember, you can't have a team that works against you, but you can't also have a team that's scared of you or thinks you're unfair. You have to be consistent because respect is earned and it goes both ways.

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