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There are plenty of problem solving techniques in business, but which ones really work? When your team comes to you for help on how to approach a problem, don’t just blurt out an answer. Instead, it’s better to involve your team in resolving the issue. This way, they become invested and can take ownership of the solution you come up with together.

In this video, I suggest five key steps for working through an issue with your team:

1. define the problem

2. discuss the specific outcome you want

3. decide how much control you have over the outcome

4. come up with possible solutions

5. choose your path to the solution

Great coaches help their teams not by handing them solutions, but by inspiring them to find their own solutions. Brainstorm together--this is how to approach a problem as a great coach or sparring partner.

By talking through a problem together and sharing responsibility for the outcome, you can guide others as they discover the best possible solution for themselves. Encourage them to use their skills, contribute their ideas, and be part of the decisions that need to be made.

Work alongside your team on a step-by-step analysis of any problem. Involve them in a solution that makes sense for them. And because your team takes ownership of the outcome, you and your team can expect and enjoy better results from the solution.

These are some of the best problem solving techniques in business.

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