This video discusses the importance of mapping your professional network. Whatever it is you may need, you already know the people who can help you. By mapping your network, you identify what others can do for you and what you can do for them in return.

I share tips for building your network and treating your contacts with respect, categorizing the different groups of people you know, and reaching out to them effectively so you can help one another.

Mapping your professional network allows you to identify all of the people you already know and have connections with; furthermore, the bullseye graph will show how closely those in your network are to your inner circle.

Once you have your network mapped, you can determine who to contact and how they can help you grow. If you examine, understand, and respect your network, you can more effectively reach out to the people you know for help.

Giving thoughtful consideration and respect to your network can make a difference in how you and your contacts benefit one another. You have a greater chance to leverage your professional network to get what you want if you understand who you know and how they can help you.

A lot of people misunderstand the purpose of networks and why mapping your professional network is so important. It’s not so you can “use” people – that’s absolutely not the goal. Instead you should aim to be a part of them and help others as they help you. You need to understand your own strengths as well as everyone else's strong points in order to create a network that will thrive.

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