Do you have a lack of motivation at work? Has the spark been lost?

What steps should you take to regain the passion for your work?

Well, first thing’s first. You need to start by identifying the problem areas.

Once you find out what’s making you feel unmotivated, you can use the circle of influence in order to separate these problem areas into things you can directly influence and things you can’t. By doing so, you can either work to change these aspects or accept things as they are.

There are certain factors of every work environment that one can’t directly influence, and there’s nothing wrong with ignoring them and instead focusing on what really matters.

Most people don’t understand that being motivated is a choice. By having more passion for your work and working on the things that are under your control, you can overcome your lack of motivation at work. This can’t be achieved without hard work, though.

Feeling discouraged by the negative aspects in your life and doing nothing about it is the easy way out. You have to think in action, not inaction.

You need to list your complaints, decide what you can influence, and accept the annoyances that are either unimportant or out of your control to eliminate. Then, you need to start working on the things that you can influence, bettering yourself at the same time. This is how you can get over your lack of motivation at work and finally regain the passion for your work that you once had.

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