We all know how bad a boring meeting can be. As a leader, it’s necessary for you to hold meetings, but a poorly-run meeting can be miserable and unproductive. In this video, I’ll give you some ground rules for meetings that you can follow to make them more successful.

When you lead a meeting, you want to do more than just tick off the items on your agenda--you want to make people feel comfortable and interested enough to share their ideas. Don’t want it to be a boring meeting? Engage your participants and get them involved! Be respectful of people’s time, validate their contributions, and learn how to encourage input from even your most quiet participants.

Whether you’ve called a meeting to solve problems, make decisions, or pass along information, here’s how to be productive:

- Have a clear agenda and discuss expectations at the outset.

- Guide participants and keep them on track to avoid tangents or

missed opportunities.

- Make sure everyone understands “who does what, when” for

follow-up tasks.

- Keep the meeting to 45 minutes; if your goals aren’t achieved in

that time, set up a future meeting.

These are some of the ground rules for meetings that I talk about in this video. Following these guidelines can help you plan, execute, and end your meetings in a way that makes them more worthwhile. I hope you’ll enjoy my video on getting the most out of your meetings, and more importantly, that you’ll learn how to prevent the dreaded boring meeting we all know and hate!

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