Ever wonder how to turn a strategy into action? Or how to find the right actions for a strategy?

This SWOT analysis example will show you how to use SWOT as strategy driver in the real world. How to use SWOT will give simple tips and tricks for leaders on how to create a strategy that's easy to use and implement

I'll show you how to perform a SWOT - my 'how to SWOT' - and link SWOT and strategy. This SWOT analysis example can be used for SWOT as strategy for any market but we use it for SWOT insurance  

We're using the SWOT as structure for the strategy - not just as input:

Opportunities are the strategic targets you'll set out to reach, strengths are the unique value propositions, core competences and skillsets you'll exploit to deliver on the strategy

Weaknesses are internal risks that must be mitigated during the strategy period and threats are contingencies that must have 'emergency' response plans

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