Struggling with finding that spark before going to work? Too many things that annoy you and you're not motivated anymore? It's completely normal and there's ways of out of it

How to motivate yourself is how you as a leader are staying motivated at work or staying motivated in a negative work environment. It's about how you can cope in a negative work environment and how to stay positive in a negative work environment. How to staying positive in tough times and how to be more motivated at work

I use Franklin Covey's Circle of Influence to help you understand your work envirnment and how to motivate yourself as a leader

This is yet one of my leadership tips and leadership tricks that will help you grow as a leader

I created TOOLS, TIPS, TRICKS AND THOUGHTS FOR LEADERS  because I want to share the knowledge of leadership and coaching that I've built over the last 20+ years - it's my ambition to run a channel that inspires experienced and aspiring leaders to become even better at their job - and life

My overarching aspiration is: To make talented people around me (off- and online) grow beyond their own imagination

The channels is based on REAL-LIFE experience and not theoretical knowledge so you're guaranteed hands-on experience that's directly applicable to your job, life and personal development

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