Stress. It’s something we’re all familiar with. Financial issues, an argument with a spouse, or even just a full inbox – we’ve all been there! So how can stress be managed and what is it exactly? In this video I’ll be talking about how to deal with personal challenges without stressing out and harming your health!

So, let’s start by defining what stress is. I’m quite certain that you already know how to identify it, right? It’s that feeling when you tense up, you suddenly get all alert and your heart starts to beat a little faster.

The truth is, sometimes stress is actually good because it gets you pumped to do something. But too much of it goes the other way around. You start to be aggressive. You start to get annoyed by everything. You get irritable and snap at others. This is definitely not how to deal with personal challenges!

Take a breath… Let me show you what to do.

So, how can stress be managed in a positive fashion? Well, there’s a few simple steps I recommend everyone takes.

First is to actually acknowledge that you are stressed. Identify what’s troubling you then speak to trusted friends about the issue. The act of speaking to others will help confront, acknowledge and address the issue, head on.

Another thing is to write your thoughts down. All of them. Once written, take the big list and break it down into smaller tasks that you can control. Remember the old adage ‘how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.’ That’s exactly how you have to tackle your issues too – one small task at a time!

And finally - take a walk. Yes, I’m serious! This forces your brain to RELAX. Just 45 minutes a day will do. And no gadgets of any kind. Deal? Trust me, you WILL feel better. You WILL burn calories, to boot. And most of all, it will give your brain the power to reorganize itself. Do this consistently and I guarantee you, you won’t want to stop ;) You’ll have way more energy and feel much less stressed.

So, how can stress be managed? Well, this is my approach for how to deal with personal challenges that I encounter in my day to day life, and it works well for me. Hopefully you’ll try them too!