In this video I discuss the top five CV blunders people make when applying for a new job. If you want your application to stand out then it’s very important that you follow these guidelines for writing a CV.

Remember, when applying for a job the chances are that the person you're sending the CV to is receiving hundreds, if not thousands of CVs. Having been recruiting for twenty years if I see any of the mistakes your application will immediately be overlooked. Make sure you don’t fall into this trap!

Guidelines for writing a CV:

1) Don't state the obvious - you need to show that you respect the recruiter. Don’t write generic, completely obvious things like “I want to grow myself” or “I want to be part of a successful company”. BE SPECIFIC. Why specifically do you want to work for this company?

2) Don’t waste my time. I'm looking at hundreds of resumes every month. You have five seconds before I throw it away. Give me a reason to read on. Make sure that you highlight important points in the very first lines. Don't start with where you live and your background; start with why you’re writing this application. If you can personalize it, that’ll make you stand out even more!

3) Don’t make me look twice. One of the top CV blunders that people still make is they send a one page CV with everything written in tiny font. Don’t do this! Multi page CVs are if as longs as you use a good, big, font to get the attention. Make it look nice. It matters.

4) Don’t make me think. I'm busy, and I want things served for me. If I have to search for the information, I’m not going to read it! Assume that I'm very busy and assume that I don't want to draw my own conclusions.

5) Do not exaggerate, do not think I'm stupid. If you're exaggerating, or saying things that are too good to be true, we won't believe you. It's better being honest, and being sure that when you meet us, when you meet me then you can vouch for everything

So there you have it. Those are my guidelines for writing a CV that’ll get you noticed. Avoid these CV blunders and you’ll be sure to stand out for your next job application. Good luck!

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