We all have a dream that we'd like to pursue - being a creative artist, famous actor / actress, writer, world explorer and so on

But - let's face it - 99.99 % of us have a day job we need to attend to in order to keep the family healthy and secure the future

What I do experience, though, is that many of us are dissatisfied with this fact; mainly because the work takes up such a large part of our lives that we don't feel we have time to do what we really want to do

I personally feel I have a fairly good relationship between what I have to do and what I love to do - and at the same time keeping healthy to a level where I'm happy with it; here you can find the five things that I do to keep this going

1. Get up early

I know there's so-called 'A' and 'B' people, where B-people have a natural tendency to wake up late compared to the A-people; nonetheless, get up early relatively to your type and get the day started

Make sure to allow you time to reflect about the day - and if you're really ambitious, note down the two (and only two) success criteria for the day; what do you really need to accomplish today, on the job or personal

Getting up, taking shower and off to work feels good as you're able to sleep 45 minutes longer, but you miss out on going to work feeling ready and 'taking on' the day

2. Exercise - it's good for everything and a strong reinforcer for your will power

No need for long talks about how good exercise is for everything; I would need to mention one thing about stress and stress fluids, though

When you're stressed, even positively, your body builds up stress fluids to handle the stressful situation - but these fluids that keep you in the feeling of alert and being 'stressed' does not leave your body again

They only go away by physical activity, and as a tule of thumb you need to by (very) physical active for more than 20 minutes in order to relieve the body from the stress

Also, I don't respect that "there's no time" to exercise. I just don't. It's a matter of priority and will power - exercise can take as little as 25 minutes every second day which everybody can find time for regardless

Getting it planned and done does not only make you feel good, it also increases your will power as you're actually doing it!

3. Don't make to-do lists; make action plans

Okay, you can make a to-do list to get an overview of the tasks you have at hand, but the moment it's done, take the list and turn it into actions - take each to-do and decide when you'll do it, put it in your calendar (give yourself time) and make sure you'll do it

Take emails, for example; most people look at an email and then proceeds to the next email and so on. Don't do that. If you already have spent time looking at the email, finish it!

Reply to the mail, put in the calendar what to do before replying and then archive it - empty your email inbox; it's gratifying and you don't postpone what you have to do anyway

4. Understand that you need you

You-time is more important than you'd think; you-time is not relaxing in front of the TV, hanging out with friends or playing with your computer or the phone

You-time is taking a break from everything; it's maybe 10-20 minutes where you don't really do anything but let your thoughts run free; it's even healthy to be bored for a while as your whole system regenerates when you are

Find the time - put your phone on silent and turn off the radio in the car on your daily commute to work, sit a while by yourself in the morning, afternoon, evening

Whatever suits your daily routine

5. Do it. Now

All this is about will power, nothing else - getting up early is a matter of doing it, going to gym, running, exercising is a matter of will, creating action plans instead of to-do's, giving yourself time to be with you, all this can only happen if you decide to do it

Don't procrastinate - that e-mail you need to respond to don't go away by postponing the reply; it's still there and you still have to reply - why wait? Yes, it might be an unpleasant thing you have to do, but does it become less unpleasant by doing it later? No.

Get it done and get it over with - all of it - every day