"Many think if something worked yesterday and is still working today,
it will work tomorrow. That's wrong"

- Garry Kasparov



"Many think if something worked yesterday and is still working today,
it will work tomorrow. That's wrong"

- Garry Kasparov


I'm driven, motivated, engaged and thrilled  by business development



"You have to trust the dots will somehow connect in the future"

- Steve Jobs


"You have to trust the dots will somehow connect in the future"

- Steve Jobs

Going digital

2019 - present


Being the best Takaful company in the UAE for years, Noor Takaful is a highly successful composite insurance company rooted in Dubai, the UAE

Chief Digital Acceleration Officer

Together with the whole company, we are doing digital v3.0 and developing processes, products and services that all support Noor Takaful’s 2020 mission of being amongst the top 100 innovative companies in the world

This is a highly integrating role that requires the support, involvement and commitment from all units throughout the whole company


2019 - present

The Digital Insurer –

The Digital Insurer has built the world's largest dedicated knowledge base on digital insurance for a community of more than 30,000 people who have a common interest in digital insurance

Head of MENA & Digital Transformation Specialist

I am driving the digital development of insurance in the MENA region, focusing on guiding incumbent insurers on ‘how to go digital’, from strategy building over planning implementation programs to actual program management of complete digital transformation projects

Furthermore, I am constantly searching the MENA markets for digital insurance innovators that may be relevant for The Digital Insurer to support

A melting pot of cultures

2018 - 2019

Qatar Business Incubation Center -

A part of the Qatar Development Bank, QBIC is amnestying incubator for primary digital companies seeking to materialize their business in Qatar

Business Mentor

I’m assisting the digital startups with strategy creation, mainly go-to-market strategies and how to develop a supply chain that enables them to deliver the product and services they are selling. A large part is leveraging on my vast experience in ‘getting things done’ pragmatically, ensuring that the companies moves on and actually get their products to market instead of ending in a never-ending product refinement


2013 - 2019

Qatar Insurance Company -

Qatar Insurance Company (QIC) is the largest insurance company in the Middle East and amongst the 15 largest in Asia

I truly enjoyed the colorfulness and differences that can be found amongst the mix of cultures; the greatest and most rewarding challenges are to unite the teams to work close together towards set targets

Chief Operating Officer, Business Development

Responsible for the strategic business development of the Group's life insurance products, bringing several radical new business ideas into play

Active player in evaluation of business acquisition opportunities to support the suggested life insurance strategy

2014 - current
Executive Vice President - MENA Personal Lines & Group Motor Claims

Heading retail and corporate business teams in the MENA region, focusing on the Group's business development and growth primarily in the personal lines as well as managing the complete portfolio of retail claims and group motor claims

Responsible for the Group's online activities and sales platforms

Going Global


SOS International - www.sos.EU

SOS International is one of the largest travel claims and emergency assistance providers in the world, covering travelers and expatriates globally through 33 offices worldwide

Despite the fact that I've been traveling my whole professional career, the position at SOS International cemented my international experience and ability to work in various countries with different cultures

I was working out of Scandinavia, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Bangkok, successfully establishing businesses and business partnerships to make SOS International grow and position itself as the world's leading emergency assistance company

Director, SOS Asia & Director, SOS Hong Kong

Business operations in Asia, including acquisitors and integrations in the Chinese market

Developer of the Thai market for travel insurance and travel assistance services

Executive Vice President

Worldwide commercial and operational responsible for all travel assistance activities

Managing sales and service offices worldwide as well as implementing new ways of reducing claims costs on a global scale

Putting it all together


Qvartz -

Qvartz is a Scandinavian based international first-tier consulting firm advising and assisting clients worldwide 

The position as Engagement Manager with a first-tier international consulting firm made all the pieces in the puzzle fit for me - I was literally forced to put my knowledge into consultant templates in order to convey business strategies and execution plans to clients

Together with the terrific teams that I managed, all my experience and knowledge was put in order in the analytical frameworks used by the most professional management consultant firms; I was constantly challenged and grew more in the four years with Qvartz than I've ever done before

Subject Matter Expert, Commercial Excellence

Key driver of the firm's Commercial Excellence team, managing own client teams focusing on solving complex issues within the areas of business development, growth and commercial excellence



Engagement Manager

Manager for international large-scale projects and responsible for client acquisitions to the firm

Project manager on  a Nordic study of the largest organizations to identify what identifies the winning organizations, 'The anatomy of tomorrow's winners' - a project made with the Danish financial newspaper Borsen

Taking it to the next level


InterMail -

InterMail is a group of companies in Scandinavia delivering the whole value chain around direct communication, from paper and envelope production to fulfillment services and advanced digital and off-line direct marketing products and services 

Joining InterMail was my first step into the 'real' corporate world with set procedures, rigid management structures and a very strong and proud culture - this is where I truly learned how to make different cultures come together and work together - and to secure the blessings from top management before beginning any projects

I was the driving part of several company acquisitions and learned a lot about how to merge different business cultures - to be honest, some more successful than others :-/  Many lessons learned and the experiences gained enabled me to secure co-ordination and strong teamwork between countries and cultures later on

Author and public speaker

Author of two books on marketing and direct marketing utilizing on- and offline channels

Frequently used as public speaker in the marketing and sales industry in Scandinavia

Director, InterMail Solutions

Managing the sales and operations of the Group's fulfillment sales division

Establishing a new, digital fulfillment company under the group and developing joint products and services with great synergies to the corporate customers in the field of sales and marketing

America, here I come


Globase -

Globase is a digital marketing agency focusing on automation of direct e-mail marketing projects, offering the knowledge and competence required for successful planning, integration and execution of campaigns

I build Globase together with an advertising agency in Copenhagen and it quickly turned out that our products were too early for the Scandinavian market, so I ventured to the U.S. to find business partners and customers

Being alone in this big country with the task of building a business was extremely challenging and, honestly, a bit scary - my experience with the country was from my Master Thesis a few years ago but I never experienced the real corporate America - I grew several inches during this period and proud to say that I succeeded in building the business with partners like BMC Software, DELL and Sun Microsystems

9.11 put a stop to the growth of this business as the American partners cancelled the agreements with us and we didn't have the cash flow to continue building the business in Europe

Co-Founder and Vice President

Building the business strategy and executing it simultaneously whilst  running the team of software developers to build the direct marketing software from scratch

Partner identification and management in the US (New York, Houston and San Francisco), participation in joint customer meetings and providing consulting services to key clients in the field of direct marketing planning, execution and integration in current marketing and operational workflows

Following a dream and meeting people


2014 - current

redHORN photography

I've been taking pictures for as long as i remember and always found it challenging and a way of letting off steam / unwinding from a very busy working schedule - I took up the skill of headshot photography as this to me is one of the most challenging genres of photography; mastering the photographic techniques while completely focusing on the person in front of the camera - a skilled headshot photographer is more a therapist than a photographer as you need to coach the person in front of you in order to make the perfect headshots

Building a portfolio and the never-ending skills perfection teaches me about myself and other cultures almost every day - all people - and faces - in front of the camera are different which makes taking headshots a ongoing challenge of mastering personal as well as photographic skills

2014 - current (albeit at very low activity at the moment)
Professional Headshot Photographer

Associated partner with the World's best headshot photographer, Peter Hurley, and mentor for the largest association of headshot photographers in the World, the Headshot Crew

Positions of Trust

2018 - current
Business Mentor, Qatar Business Incubation Center, QBIC

2017 - current
Member of the Advisory Board, Welfare Denmark

2017 - current
Advisory Committee MemberFleming.

2015 - current
Mentor, the Headshot Crew

Chairman of the Board, Tang & Weiss

Board MemberTACK Training International

International Judge at the International Echo Awards, the Direct Marketing Association USA
Judging and selecting the world's best direct marketing campaigns


MBA, Strategy & Business Development, Business Institute
Master Thesis in global strategic positioning and organizational adaptations for SOS International

DiSC personal profiling certification, Trainer Level, Everything DISC

Bachelor of Science, International MarketingAarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences
Master Thesis in Relationship Marketing for Danisco Ingredients, Kansas, U.S.A